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One of the fastest growing initiatives of Delta Health Alliance over the last year has been Leland Medical Therapy Services. In July of last year, clinic staff saw less than 30 patients. Twelve months later, that number had increased to 545. The professional staff now includes a psychiatric nurse practitioner, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, and nurses.

This explosive growth is attributable to a huge demand for these kinds of services that, until now, had never been available to many Delta residents. Not only do untreated mental health problems complicate a patient’s ability to participate effectively in treatment plans, but they often go undiagnosed in patients with chronic conditions. For example, rates of depression across the lifespan of individuals with diabetes are twice the rate found in the general population.

Leland Medical Therapy Services reaches individuals and families in the following ways:

Occupational Therapy

The occupation, or “job,” of childhood is play, through which children learn, explore and participate in their environment and with others every day. Occupational therapists provide three basic areas of support for children: fine motor, cognitive, and / sensory.Occupational Therapist can help children achieve greater independence in daily routines and activities.

Physical Therapy

Children with neurological, orthopedic, or developmental disorders may need the assistance of specialized equipment, customized orthotics,and/or exercises to strengthen andcoordinate motor movements neededto safely and efficiently navigate theirenvironment. Physical Therapists help children find their “Gol”.

Speech Therapy

Developing communication skills is one of the most important elements to socializing and creating valuable relationships. For the child with aspeech and/or language disorder, communicating can be very difficult,and can cause frustration, isolation, and a sense of helplessness. Speech-Language Pathologists help children overcome communication barriers so that they are empowered to speak for themselves.

Behavioral Health

Children and families may need help coping with stress and a variety of emotional and behavioral issues. Many children and teens need help dealing with stressors such as homework, test anxiety, bullying, traumatic experiences, grief and loss, home life changes, or peer pressure. Sometimes children, like adults, can benefit from therapy.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing can help children and families identify mental health issues that interfere with aspects ofthe child’s life. Testing identifies theproblem and then referrals are given to help the child and their family seek help with the diagnosis.