Leland Medical Clinic

Who We Are

The Leland Medical Clinic will be operated as a patient-centered medical home, in hopes that patients will make the clinic their first stop when medical issues arise. The medical home approach means that a patient’s chronic disease needs are addressed through a team approach, utilizing staff members such as a community health worker and dietitian, not normally available in rural primary care clinics. All aspects of a patient’s well-being will be considered, using enhanced technology, chronic disease management and care coordination. The increased technology includes a system of electronic health records that will increase the quality of care provided while ensuring patient safety.

Payment for Clinic Services

All patients are welcome. We will accept any form of insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIPS and any form of payment. A sliding fee schedule is also available for qualifying self-pay patients. For questions about your coverage, come in and talk with us.

If a patient’s health care needs are beyond the scope of the clinic, the patient will be referred to specialists in the area or to the local emergency room of choice.