Leland Medical Clinic

About LMC

The Leland Medical Clinic, Owned and operated by Delta Health Alliance since 2013, is the medical home for individuals and families throughout Bolivar, Sharkey, Sunflower, and Washington Counties and beyond. The Clinic provides clinical and behavioral health services for more than 2,464 patients. Clinical services now include management of acute and chronic illnesses, wellness exams and checkups, immunizations, pediatric care, work-injury treatment, drug testing, preemployment and school physicals, digital x-rays, mammograms, full lab tests, and nutritional and exercise consultations. LMC began offering mammography services in 2018 providing over 168 mammograms.

Leland Medical Clinic uses Electronic Health Records to facilitate delivery of care by allowing providers to spend more time examining the patient and less time on record keeping. The staff can connect electronically to pharmacies and area hospitals and patients have real time access to their own medical records via our online portal. The electronic patient portal is called “Follow My Health” and allows patients to communicate with the clinic staff through a computer or portable device using secure email. Patients can go online and request prescription refills and other services through a highspeed, secure data connection. Over half of the clinic’s patients have been using the portal and it gives patients 24/7 access to clinic information, scheduling and other important services.

The medical clinic employs two nurse practitioners, a part-time physician, a dietician, three nurses, and two front office staff on a daily basis. LMC’s behavioral health team consists of a psychiatric nurse practitioner and two licensed professional counselors.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

Leland Medical Clinic is a recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) by the National Committee for Quality Assuarance (NCQA.) The PCMH model makes the patient a vital part of the clinical care team. Leland Medical Clinic is recognized for being committed for a patient-centered medical approach to care and continuous commitment for quality improvement.

What’s different about a patient-centered medical home?

  • Results in a better experience for patients
  • Increases staff satisfaction resulting in providing better care
  • Improves management of a patient’s chronic condition like diabetes or hypertension
  • Lowers overall health costs
  • Improves Patient-Centered access by emphasizing using health technology allowing patients to view their health information or communicate with providers.

The PCMH approach means that the entire staff of Leland Medical Clinic, as well as the patient, work together as a team by focusing on all aspects of the patient’s health using enhanced technology and chronic disease management. Using enhanced technology allows the staff to spend more time with the patient.